Our Founder

Solomon’s Story

Founder Solomon Smith is a youth support worker born and bred on the Moorlands Estate. In his spare time he runs and funds Brixton Soup Kitchen. At secondary school, a lot of people were looking up motorbikes or cars – but, realising the community’s need, Solomon was looking up soup kitchens.

When my mum cooked me rice, peas, chicken and boiled potato I was good for the whole day. So I’m thinking, okay: why don’t we do that for the homeless?

Solomon is adamant that with the right support and guidance those in need can be helped back on their feet. It’s a never-say-never mindset that typifies everything Solomon does. Solomon freely admits to be a “bit of a terror” in his past, yet despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, Solomon recently graduated with honours in Marketing and in April 2013 was awarded the South London “Our Heroes” award for his work with the Soup Kitchen and was asked to speak at TEDx Brixton.

Surviving on the street is hard work; it’s about re-channelling that energy

You can see that when people work from the heart and when people work for the money you get two different results. And Solomon works from the heart.